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 Internet hubs

The principal means of communication within the country are three national-operated FM radio stations. There are as well five shortwave radio stations. There are as well two newspapers and two magazines. Television Nacional, the television network, is national operated.

Landline telephone penetration is low, with only two lines available for each 100 persons.[45] There is one GSM mobile telephone operator, with coverage of Malabo, Bata, and several mainland cities.

As of 2009, approximately forty % of the people subscribed to mobile telephone services. The only telephone provider in Equatorial Guinea is Orange.

Equatorial Guinea has nine (as of 2009) Internet service providers, which serves additional than 8,000 users.

Equatorial Guinea looks to improve telecoms infrastructure

The government of Equatorial Guinea has launched the country’s initial telecommunications infrastructure company, GITGE (Management and Maintenance of Telecommunication Infrastructures organization in Equatorial Guinea), to optimise the national telecommunications service with the installation of fiber optics that currently link the capital city of Malabo and Bata.

"GITGE is a great addition to Equatorial Guinea's telecommunications sector as we continue to serve the rapidly developing country's communications needs," said President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.

"It will advance our communications' reach and take us to a new level of telecommunications. This investment aims to significantly improve the quality of communications in the country. Through GITGE’s management, the operators will be able to process data in a much additional efficient way, such as through the use of fiber optics,” he said.

GETESA, (Equatorial Guinea Telecommunications) is the initial operator in the country to partner with the new infrastructure firm.

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