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Congo has done very little to improve its poor infrastructure considering its resources and in comparison with a lot of other African nations. This has for a lot of years been the major obstacle to making the economy competitive. The road network – inclunding 1 200 kilometres that are paved, with additional than half in very bad condition – has significantly deteriorated as a result of civil war. No road between Brazzaville and the port of Pointe-Noire is usable the whole year round. About 250 km of the 550-km distance has been upgraded with funding mainly from China and the EU. The government has committed itself to maintaining this stretch from the road fund set up in 2005.

Traffic on the Brazzaville to Pointe-Noire railway has fallen substantially in the completed 20 years, with the end of manganese exports shipments by Gabon’s Compagnie minière de l’Ogooué. Transport of timber from northern Congo has slowed because of the bad condition of waterways and of the railway and the CFCO's lack of rolling stock. Forestry companies in the north have decided to send much of their production through the Cameroonian port of Douala since 1993. At the same time as Pointe-Noire’s port is modernised, solutions are being considered to upgrade the railway as any minute at this time as a franchise to run the CFCO is granted.

Pointe-Noire’s natural deep-water port is one of Africa’s best and a key to increase of central Africa’s trade. A XAF 84-billion upgrade will begin in 2010, extending wharfs and the dyke. The operator of the container terminal, the French firm Bolloré and a local partner, will start a XAF 370 billion 10-year expansion of the terminal in 2010. The aim is to have ships carrying up to 7 000 containers use the port.

The Congo River is economically feasible for firms in the north moving construction timber, but lack of dredging is a critical obstacle to its development as a means of transport.

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