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Chile: Investment Opportunities


1 Emerging Industries

a. Natural stone industry


Investment Opportunities

Antofagasta is renowned for its wealth of mineral resources. The quantity and quality of these resources - particularly travertine - provide great potential for further industrial development of natural stones. This US$40 billion world industry increases by 8% (production) annually. With this increase in world request, investment opportunities lie in:

- the extraction of minerals
- the manufacture of products
- the sector's auxiliary industry

b. Premium White Wines


Investment Opportunities

The Chilean wine industry has developed significantly over recent years, in terms of both production volume and quality, and the reputation of Chilean wines has allowed exports to continue to reach new markets. The Valparaíso region has stood out for its production of premium white wines (Chardonnay & Sauvignon Blanc) in the Casablanca valley, and additional recently in the San Antonio area.

c. Creative industries

Los Rios

Investment Opportunities

Los Rios is seeking to promote itself as a 'Creative Region' by developing those industries associated with cultural or creative activities. The region has a Creative Industries Competitiveness Improvement Program, which focuses specifically on the development of the design, audiovisual, music and IT sectors.

d. Livestock Farming - Meat Industry

Investment Opportunities

The emerging meat industry in the Bío Bío region offers the following opportunities:

- Farming and production of cattle and sheep
- New species development such as emus and feral-wagyu
- The introduction of new breeds of sheep that can produce finer wool
- Development of heavier lambs
- Sheep milk production

e. Livestock Farming - Dairy Industry

Investment Opportunities

The emerging dairy industry in the Bío Bío region presents investment opportunities in the manufacturing and marketing of various products, including milk, UHT milk, powdered milk, cheese, yoghurt, butter, cream and ice cream.

f. Tourism & Logistics Services in Antarctica

Magallanes & Chilean Antarctica

Investment Opportunities

Magallanes is being developed as a gateway to Antarctica and a platform for Antarctic logistics. The following investment opportunities are available:

- Logistics services not addressed in the Antarctic program
- Antarctic tourism development
- Waste recycling in the Antarctic
- Modular construction which incorporates renewable energy
- Food services
- Specialized clothing

g. Agro-Industry - European Hazelnut

Los Lagos

Investment Opportunities

The emerging European Hazelnut industry in the Los Lagos region presents opportunities for the development of plantations and the production of shelled and unshelled nuts for exportation. Additionally, there are opportunities in technology investments related to European Hazelnut production.

2 Biotechnology

Chile has taken significant steps to incorporate biotechnology into its economy. Through a powerful series of initiatives, including a new regulatory framework and economic incentives, Chile seeks to develop a world-class biotechnology sector.

Biotech in Chile by presently embraces a range of sectors related with natural resources, including agriculture, livestock, human health, forensic science, fishery, forestry and industrial biotechnology. Chile as well encourages foreign R&D investment and is actively working on promoting clinical investigation.

Our advantages

- Opportunities in amount clusters related with natural resources
- An emerging location for clinical trials
- Reliable, competitive and highly skilled researchers
- A transparent regulatory environment which protects intellectual property rights
- Multiple world-class Technology Transfer Centres

3 Mining Suppliers Sector

Chile ranks part the world's leading mining nations, producing over a third of the world copper output and a large number of other minerals. Progressive legislation and a healthy investment environment have made Chile the mining capital of Latin America

4 Food Industry

With food industry exports over 12 billion dollars, Chile stands as a world class player in the sector. It has opened itself to the world having signed trade agreements with 57 nations and selling its products to additional than 150 nations that represent 88% of the world GDP.

Chile's Competitive Advantages

- Chile is the world's 5 Mediterranean climate macro-zones, offering excellent off-season production opportunities.
- Chile's has world-class, highly recognized phytosanitary conditions
- The country's long north-to-south extension, together with climate diversity between the different productive zones enables staggered harvests throughout the season, assuring an excellent quality fruit supply to different markets around the globe
- Chile's government supports entrepreneurs in amount stages of production. Public funding and significant investment is available for technology transfers

5 Offshoring

InvestChile's Offshoring Programme builds bridges with foreign companies interested in developing a world reach strategy. With focus in Talent Arbitrage, the Offshoring Programme can help you build a Chile based project that serves LATAM, US or EUROPEAN markets, as a lot of other companies who have trusted in us to develop their business. A work oriented country, with a robust, skilled Talent Pool, Chilean professionals can add the sort of price that is key to the current expanding phase of the world economy.

The Offshoring Programme has identified the following sectors and activities as the majority competitive in our country; therefore we aim to support them with utmost consideration.

- Engineering Services
- Shared Services Centre
- Customer Support
- Data Technology
- Telecommunications

Price Proposition

Having grown over the last 10 years, the Offshoring industry faces a positive outlook. With over 400 companies, Chile exported over US 840 million in 2008 and it's expected to have over USD 1 billion exports in 2010.

InvestChile has endorsed the development of this emerging industry with the creation of a High Tech Building, several lines of subsidies and a specialized team of professionals to support foreign companies looking to establish their centers in Chile.

Foreign Companies that have settled down in Chile have experience of the majority dynamic economies of the South Cone, with the highest levels of security, quality of living and the best business environment.

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