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Public infrastructure improved slightly in proportion to needs in 2009, in particular with the construction of primary schools in line with the establishment of primary schooling for amount, the construction of water and electricity facilities in the new districts in Bujumbura and the paving of certain secondary roads.

The national envisages constructing 600-storey buildings in 2011, amount of them in Buyenzi, in a bid to modernise activities in the district but as well to resolve the perennial problem of accommodation in the urban areas of the capital, Bujumbura. The programme to modernise Bujumbura’s road network was continued and construction of the Gitega-Karuzi axis was completed. Studies of roads to be built in the next have been carried out, in particular for the Gitega-Ngozi road and the national Ruhwa-Cibitoke-Rumonge-Makamba road

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