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With stable GDP increase of around 5% p.a., a high people density and a high increase rate in a low-penetration mobile market, Burundi is one of the majority attractive African telecom markets for investors, despite the fact that it is as well one of the world's poorest nations.

2012 will see the landlocked country connected to international fibre optic cables for the initial time which will end its dependency on expensive satellite connections and give it access to much better amounts of international internet bandwidth at lower prices. In preparation for the internet boom that is expected as a result, two of the five mobile operators have by presently launched 3G broadband services.

Some consolidation can be expected someday as five networks may find it hard competing in this relatively small market. A sixth operator licence was awarded in 2008 but the company hasn't launched a service from presently on. In addition, the national telco, Onatel (which as well operates one of the mobile networks) is scheduled to be privatised in 2012.

Estimated market penetration rates in Burundi’s telecoms sector – end 2012

Market Penetration rate
Mobile 36%
Fixed 0.4%
Internet 3.5%

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