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Macau: Macau posts trade deficit of US$1.825 billion in the 1st quarter


Macau’s trade deficit in the initial quarter 2016 reached 14.602 billion patacas (US$1.825 billion), a year on year development of 25.3 %, reported the Statistics and Census Bureau.

According to the Bureau, the trade deficit in the initial quarter of 2015 totalled 19.5516 billion patacas.

In the initial three months of 2016 Macau exported goods worth 2.697 billion patacas (almost the same all as the 2.699 billion patacas recorded in 2015) and imported goods worth 17.300 billion patacas, a real drop of 7.651 billion patacas compared to the all recorded in the same period of 2015.

Part the imported products in the 1st quarter, the Bureau noted a downturn in the imports of wristwatches (1.06 billion patacas or -38.8 %) and passenger cars and motorcycles (339 million patacas or -48.2 %), fuels and lubricants (1.34 billion patacas or -19.9 %), mobile phones (1.30 billion patacas or -51.8 %) and building materials (489 million patacas or -39.3 %).

In March the Macau trade deficit reached 4.479 billion patacas, with exports falling 3.9 % to 1.014 billion patacas and imports reaching 5.493 billion patacas, or an annual contraction of 23.2 %. 

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