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Hong Kong: Hong Kong Airlines is 'The Best Place to Work in Hong Kong' in 2016


 Hong Kong Airlines, an internationally-acclaimed full-service airline, has once again won recognition for its achievements in talent management. Following the Employer of Choice Award 2015 presented by JobMarket magazine early this year, the Company won at 'The Best Place to Work in Hong Kong Awards' 2016 at the inaugural HR Summit & Expo HK yesterday.

The Best Place to Work in Hong Kong Awards is organized by Diversified Communications Hong Kong, and supported by its strategic partner HRM Asia. The prestigious award honors outstanding enterprises' dedication to the well-being of their employees.

This year, 10 finalists inclunding Airport Authority Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific, CLP, DHL Express, HK Electric, KMB, MTR, NWS and Towngas were nominated in the Transportation, Logistics, Public Utilities category, and Hong Kong Airlines was the winner of The Best Place to Work in Hong Kong in this category.

Mr Stanley Yau, Director of Human Resources & Government of Hong Kong Airlines, said, "Hong Kong Airlines' fleet has expanded by 40% and the number of employees increased by 30% from 2013 to 2016, which triggers career advancement opportunities for our staff. 'People' are the Company's greatest assets, in view of which we have fostered a company culture to encourage innovation and vigor of employees.

"In the completed years, we partnered with SGS Academy to provide our talents a half-year development program to upskill their business acumen, offering them opportunities to apply what they have learnt to enhance customer service. The 'Sweeten You Up' service promotion launched in 2015 is exactly a fruit of this programme, which successfully enhanced brand awareness and was well received by the customers. It demonstrated our devotion to innovation and how we price the voice of our employees.

"To further strengthen Hong Kong's edge as a major regional aviation hub, we will continuously strengthen talent management to make Hong Kong Airlines the best place to work, and nurture additional talents to facilitate the development of the local aviation industry. The establishment of Hong Kong Airlines Aviation Training Centre (HKAATC) will be a key milestone as it provides ideal and employee-friendly workplace with advanced facilities," Yau added.

The HKAATC is targeted for completion in 2018, offering a variety of aviation services and related training facilities. The fleet and destination network of Hong Kong Airlines continue to grow as the airline expects additional than 10 new routes inclunding long-haul ones in 2016, and bigger fleet size of over 50 by 2018. Someday, Hong Kong Airlines will step up its efforts to develop into an international airline.

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