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Nigeria: Dangote Promises to Power Outage in Kano


Dangote Group has signed a Memoranda of Considerate (MoU) with the Kano National Government for the proposed 100MW Dangote-Black Rhino Solar Power Plant.

The formal agreement for the project, which is to be sited at Zakirai, in Gabasawa Local Government Area of the national, took place thursday, at the office of Secretary to the National Government (SSG), Alhaji Usman Alhaji, in Kano.

Dangote said the MoU was an extra milestone in the evolving partnership between Dangote Group and the national government in their determination to bring about the much needed development in the economy of the country.

He described the situation of decadence in the power sector, which resulted in decline of the status of Kano, a once vibrant industrial and commercial city in the completed three decades as sad.

Represented by the Group's Executive Director, Mr. Mansur Ahmed, Aliko, said it is incumbent, and necessary for the benefit of the people of Kano and all country to replace the economy's vibrancy.

He decried the power challenges which have continued to militate against industrialisation and economic development in the national, saying "As we all know Kano's pre-eminent status as a great centre of commerce in the sub-Saharan region for almost two centuries has sadly declined.

"It is an open secret that the gross inadequacy of supply of reliable and affordable electricity is one of the critical challenges facing the national's economy. This project will, on completion, add 100MW to the national's electricity supply and is fully in line with our group's strong commitment to contribute to the reinvigoration of the national's economic potential and over all national development". The President/CE, Dangote Group further said.

The power plant which is a national-of- the- art renewable energy plant will be fully financed, jointly by Dangote Industries Ltd and its world strategic partner, Black Rhino Group, and promises to convert abundant energy of the sun into high quality clean electricity with no deleterious impact on our country's economy.

Signing the MoU on behalf of the National Government, the SSG, Alhaji Usman Alhaji, indicated that the momentous event displayed the sacrifice of Aliko Dangote, a son of the soil, for the people of the ancient city of Kano, and indeed, the country in its struggle to move its economy forward.

He said prior to the signing ceremony, his office had performed an extra strategic ceremony, the distribution of vehicles to various security agents to enhance security of the national.

"The security concern is all part of effort of Kano National government to fasten the national and its investments, such as the Dangote-Black Rhino project," Alhaji disclosed.

He expressed gratitude to Dangote for making Kano proud and said all hands will be on deck towards seeing to completion of the desired project in good time.

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