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Main Terms


Main Terms

Main Terms

Policy period up to 10 years (including pre-shipment periods of up to 12 months)
No minimum transaction size
Price to risk with no subsidy to the private sector
Maximum project size with co-insurance/reinsurance:
  Political Risk at US$100 million
  Credit Risk at US$50 million

 Basic guidelines on Trade Credit Insurance terms

  Whole Turnover (multiple buyers) Single Obligors (a single buyer)
Credit terms (tenor) Up to 1 year Average 1 - 5 years
Price range 0.4 - 1.5% of the insurable 1.8 - 3.5% of exposure
Minimum size of the risk insurable No minimum (subject to minimum pricing)


Basic guidelines on Political Risk Insurance terms 

  Political Risk Commercial Risk
Private: up to 100% up to 90%
Sub-Sovereign: up to 100% up to 95%
Sovereign: up to 100% (incl. non-payment)


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