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Benefits To Policy Holders


Benefits To Policy Holders

Financial intelligence on buyers
Our Credit Analysts continuously monitor your buyers' financial standing. As a result, they can help you avert or minimise losses by providing you with a timely analysis on a buyer's deteriorating credit risks.

Safety of foreign direct investment assets
In the event of political instability, expropriation or other actions originating from a government, your assets will be protected.

Market risk analysis
We have extensive access to information on countries around the world and can provide valuable data on markets in which you may want to expand.

Debt collection services
Although we are not a mainstream debt collection service provider, we can assist you to collect your debts through our global network of partners.

Security for financiers
Trade receivables are an important asset on your balance sheet and are often used as security for borrowing. ATI's credit risk insurance policy may be assigned to lenders. This helps to reduce the lender's risks allowing you to increase financing for a larger number of receivables and the chance to negotiate better borrowing terms.

Cost effective alternative to Letters of Credit
Credit risk insurance is a cost effective alternative for your buyers because Letters of Credit:

Require experienced staff to eliminate the inherent risk of documentation errors
Tie up the buyer's funds or credit facilities
Are costly (domestic interest costs; bank fees; amendment fees discrepancy fees, etc.)
May "cost the sale" if a competitor offers open account terms

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