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Netherland: Mozambican company starts exporting macadamia nuts


The Murrimo Macadâmias company, established in Mozambique under a joint venture between a company in South Africa and an extra in the Netherlands, is due in March to start its initial harvest of nuts five years next starting planting on a plot in Gurué, in the central province of Zambezia.

The consortium made up of South African companies Crookes Brothers Limited and White Bird International BV, of the Netherlands, with experience in the production of fruits and other crops in Swaziland and Zimbabwe, has by presently invested additional than US$24 million in planting macadamia on a 3,000-hectare plot, of which 240 hectares have by presently been planted.

The arboreal plant, originally from Australia, provides a nut used for food and in the production of oil, to use in the food industry and beauty products.

The Director of Human Resources of the company, Palelane Junior, told Mozambican newspaper O País that the company has by presently secured markets for the nuts, particularly in Europe, Asia and North America, “and we are presently committed to ensuring the quality of the product so that nothing fails.”

In addition to the 240 hectares of macadamia nuts, Murrimo Macadâmias as well produces maize and beans in a 660-hectare area, products that are sold locally for domestic consumption and to supply small animal feed factories.

During a prospecting trip to the region in search of opportunities for fruit production, the chief of one of the two consortium companies contacted the owners of a company that produces tea and concluded that they wanted to close the company and to dispose of the land.

Due to agro-ecological conditions in the region, said the financial director of the company, Ricardo Maria, the consortium took on the fields to invest in the production of macadamia nuts, a new crop that is being introduced in Mozambique.

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