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Political Risk Insurance

What is political risk insurance?

This insurance protects your investments, projects, goods and contracts against any unfair political action or inaction by a government that would cause damage, financial loss or business interruption in any of our member countries. It can also cover loss due to war & civil disturbance.
What risks are covered under ATI’s Political Risk Insurance solution?
ATI’s Political Risk Insurance (PRI) cover typically includes the risks listed below with the flexibility to include additional risks according to the needs of our customers.

Types of risks

What specific risks do we insure?

Expropriation Currency inconvertibility and exchange transfer cover
Contract frustration cover Political violence cover
Payment default cover Trade embargoes cover
How many years can ATI cover a Political Risk Insurance transaction?
ATI can insure a political risk insurance transaction for a maximum period of up to 10 years renewable (including pre-shipment periods of up to one year). 
What size transactions does ATI cover under Political Risk Insurance?
ATI does not have a minimum transaction size for projects or investments it can cover. For PRI protection, we are able to provide up to $100 million worth of insurance protection with reinsurance backing. 
Are there exclusions to the types of transactions you can cover?
ATI is governed by international best practices and World Bank standards. We follow stringent safeguards to help us achieve our objective of promoting economic growth and development in our member countries. Projects we support must therefore be financially and environmentally sound and omit harmful labour practices, money laundering and corruption. 

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